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The Jungle Book Trip To Kanha

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Since everyone keeps asking why we organize most of our awesome trips outside of India, here you go……..

BEEP is now going to be doing at least one super unique experience every month within India as well.

In April it’s our Scuba diving and Yoga Trip to the gorgeous Andaman Islands which is completely sold out with 14 awesome people on it.

In May we are taking you for something really special !!

The Jungle Book Trip, to Kanha.

(The lush sals, bamboo forests and grassy meadows of Kanha provided the inspiration to Rudyard Kipling for his novel, Jungle Book)

This is not your average Jungle Safari Trip and just like all our other unique experiences, not for “tourists”!

Kanha National Reserve in Madhya Pradesh (India) of course, is world famous for its tigers and certainly one of the best in India. In fact, April -May is the known to be the best time of the year for Tiger sightings since it’s hot and water is scarce and the animals must come out of their hiding.

So it’s a given that we will go looking for the tigers too, but for us that’s basic!

  All the awesome skills that you are about to learn as a part of our special budget -friendly program, however, is what sets this trip apart from your usual touristy safaris.

We are taking you to the forest to not just meet the incredible animals that Kanha is world-famous for but to also learn their ways and that of their mother, The Jungle!

Read THE PROGRAM in the next section for more on the program…..

The last date to Apply for this BEEP Trip is 20th March.

You Snooze You Lose 🙂

Let us start off by letting you know,  THIS IS NOT a hardcore Jungle survival Camp, so don’t get all scared and start getting nightmares reading the stuff below 🙂

You will be living in a beautiful boutique property right on the periphery of Kanha National park with gorgeous views of the jungle surrounding it, a beautiful lake by its side and a private organic plantation from where all the veggies for your meals will be sourced, We’ll even have a cooking session with our awesome chef. And all this at a budget-friendly price!

Check out the picture gallery above 🙂

“Ok, What’s so different then ?”

We have specially created an awesome mix of an informal and completely Open-to-Beginners “Naturalist” Program MIXED WITH a basic “Jungle self-sufficiency skills” Program for enthusiasts to learn useful and handy skills from some of India’s best Naturalists and Jungle Guides for this incredible trip.

They will be letting us in on how the Jungle really works and you will get to explore the jungle on this trip at a much deeper level than an average Safari tourist.

“But is this suitable for me ?”

This awesome trip is open to anyone as long as you have a curious mind that wants to learn amazing new skills, learn more about nature so you can contribute to saving it and want to do much more than just be a tourist.

“So What all will I learn ?”

We’ll learn about animal tracks and signs on one hand and how to navigate the jungle looking at the stars if you ever got lost on the other, for example.

We’ll learn skills like how to build a temp shelter for yourself or even make a quick fire without a lighter and many more awesome hands on and useful activities that could save your life some day.

We’ll learn about how animals communicate with each other, where they sleep, and all those questions in your head about these elusive beasts that you usually look for on National Geographic!

We’ll learn about birds and butterflies that abound this magical place. And more importantly, what we can do to protect and preserve them along with this precious habitat.

In short, You will get explore the jungle with the Masters and learn the secrets of wild animals, birds and their environment that 99 percent of the world doesn’t know.

 “But I don’t know If I can do all that ?”

So here’s the thing, everyone has that doubt for anything new they are about to go in for. But beyond that doubt is an awesome experience waiting. And I am sure you heard, we only DO EPIC SHIT.

You don’t need athletic fitness levels for this trip, you just need a curious mind and an exciting spirit.

“But isn’t it hot there in April – May?”

 April-May is the best time of the year to spot tigers and many other elusive animals in their natural habitat because it’s hot and water is scarce and the animals are all headed there. And guess what? Our experts know where all the water holes are 🙂

When the weather is pleasant, they are all hiding in the lush greenery with abundant water, so the sightings automatically are far lower.

And believe us when we tell you that the moment you will see a Royal Bengal Tiger in all its glory out in the open, heat will be last thing on your mind!

The essence here is “hands-on learning” and becoming one with the forest. Instead of just going for a surface level hollow experience that most people get,  you will come back from this trip not just possibly having seen a tiger and various other incredible animals in the wild, but also having learnt a lot about a habitat that is currently being threatened by our activities.

You protect what you love we believe, and on this trip, you are going to fall in love with the Jungle.

24th May ( Fly Into Nagpur) – 28th May ( Fly Out of Nagpur)

(Wednesday – Sunday)

NOTE: Flights to Nagpur are dirt cheap right now and trains are sold out! So book your flights ASAP before prices fluctuate.

  •  Accommodation for 4 nights in a beautiful boutique resort right on the periphery of Kanha National Reserve ( See Picture Gallery on top of the page)
  • All Meal from the In-House Plantation and a Cook Out Session with the Master Chef
  • Group Transfer in a private vehicle from Nagpur to Kanha and back
  • A team of some of India’s best Naturalists and Jungle Experts and local guides for our special program
  • A Specially designed 4-day program as described earlier ( A Mix of a Beginner’s Naturalist Program and a Jungle Self-Sufficiency Program rolled into one)
  • 3 Jeep Safaris + 1 Bicycle Safari + 1 Walking Safari with the experts spread out between morning and evenings during the trip
  • Airfare from your Home city to Nagpur ( Flights are dirt cheap right now to Nagpur, so book ASAP)

* In case you do manage to find a train ticket and want to come by train, that’s totally fine 🙂

In case you missed it, BEEP  trips are not your usual “sightseeing tour packages” to commercial destinations. These are unique experiences that deserve passionate and awesome people, in pursuit of the extraordinary. In fact, some of our journeys have been called life changing events by guests who are now friends.  I mean how many times in life do you get to jump out of a helicopter over snow clad Himalayas or be underwater with a Blue Whale or a Whale Shark, the world’s largest animal and the world’s largest fish !!

There are very limited spots possible on each trip that we put together with all our heart and soul and there are only so many we can do in a year. So to ensure that we have a fun bunch of awesome people on each of these amazing journeys, we ask you to….

Apply Now.

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