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A Trip To Learn Kung Fu In China At An Ancient Shaolin Temple


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Learn Kung Fu In China From Shaolin Monks At An Ancient Shaolin Temple


Always thought about learning Kung Fu but never found your “Master Chifu”, who could hone your superhuman reflexes and lightning-fast moves ?

Here is your chance Panda, we are taking you on a Pilgrimage.

No, Not the religious kind silly.

After our incredible trips to this really special place earlier in 2017, we are going back again in April, May and June 2018 to learn kung fu in China in beautiful pleasant weather.(Check out the amazing photos of our 2017 trips in the photo gallery above) And again, we are taking a few lucky folks with us to the literal home of Kung Fu deep in beautiful mountains, where you will be temporarily inducted as “Shaolin Disciples” and be a part of the legend.

The lives of Shaolin Monks and their training has always been shrouded in mystery and to most, this will remind of the awesome movie, KungFu Panda! But we are talking about the real world and THIS, is really happening.

In April, May and June 2018, we have created an opportunity again for a few people to learn Kung Fu in China for one week or more if you like and to experience a very sacred Shaolin Temple which is like the University of  Shaolin Kung Fu, surrounded by gorgeous mountains. This is where KungFu originated 1500 years ago and this is where the legendary Shaolin Monks live!!

In fact, the person who founded Zen Buddhism in China was an Indian by the name Bodhidharma who, also founded Shaolin Kung Fu. He didn’t call his new religion, “Zen,” because that word didn’t exist in China. he just added Kung Fu to his Buddhism. His shrine is on top of a mountain next to the 1500-year-old Shaolin temple where we will be living and training with real warrior Shaolin Monks in the flesh!!

(Check out the amazing photos of our 2017 trips in the photo gallery above) 

“But what will we learn from Shaolin Monks there ?”

Obviously, in one week we won’t learn to split bricks into two with our hand. You will, however, LEARN THE BASICS of this mysterious ancient martial arts from true masters. Of course, if you fall in love this amazing ancient martial art, we can arrange for you to stay at the Shaolin Temple for an extended period of time ranging from a month to a even a year if you fancy !!

During our one week trip, we will learn Kung Fu techniques from Warrior Shaolin Monks inside the temple, whilst also exploring Zen Buddhist Meditation that Shaolin Monks practise. You will on a daily basis also train for strength, speed, stamina, impact conditioning and applications with their guidance along with Kung Fu lessons.

This is not just a trip to learn Kung Fu in China, we will also learn about Buddhism, the culture and even other art forms that Shaolin Monks have developed in this area over the centuries.

“But I’ve never done any Martial Arts or Kung Fu Training before ?”

This super special journey is open to everyone who wants to come learn Kung fu in China and you don’t need any prior physical training or experience in Martial Arts. However, you do need to be healthy and have some basic fitness in place if you want to be able to keep up with the physically demanding program.

Of course, it will be great for you if you do have prior training in which case you will learn more advanced techniques of Shaolin Kung Fu from the amazing Shaolin Monks known for their intense secret training and gravity-defying moves. Check out this crazy advanced Weapon Skills display showcase video we made of  Shaolin Monks at the Shaolin Temple

You can come train with us for a minimum of one week or do an extended stay and train for up to a few months for a more immersive experience if you like!

Beginners; Remember, This is not a picnic 🙂

Group Dates for March/April/May 2021 TBC





Awesome people just like you, come for our trips from various cities and countries and we don’t like for it to be too crowded. So we cap the average number per group between 8  – 12 people with a healthy ratio!

These are once-in-a-lifetime experiences, not those touristy hordes being packed up in buses like sheep 🙂


It’s beautiful pleasant weather in Late April, May and June and we are expecting gorgeous sunny days surrounded by the lush greens of the forests on hills all around the Shaolin Temple!



The food is included in the package during our stay at the temple. We will be eating with other student groups from around the world at the Temple Community Cafeteria which has enough vegetarian food options, in case that is a concern for you!
You can obtain a short-term Chinese Tourist visa in 2 – 4 days of the application, surprisingly easily.

Important Note:  You can choose to reach Beijing on Saturday instead of Friday in case that works better for you in terms of leave from work etc

  • Friday: Arrive in Beijing any time and chill. Explore the buzzing locality around the Hotel, there is enough to explore walking right around our hotel for our first day.And in the night, try out some crazy Chinese local delicacies.
  • Saturday:  Explore the sights of Beijing such as a trip to the Great Wall of China and check out other local places of Interest.
  • Sunday: Take a 3 Hour Bullet train in the morning to Zhengzhou and from there take a transfer to The Shaolin Temple away from the city and in the mountains. Relax and get acquainted with the Temple and its surroundings for the rest of the day. It is a really gorgeous place and you will be amazed seeing the little Shaolin kids practising their daily routines along with the Monks all around the place. Sit back and let the vibe soak in.
  • Monday – Saturday: Your training begins, daily morning and afternoon training sessions with  Shaolin Monk Teachers covering various aspects of Martial Arts, Meditation, Buddhism and Culture.

The group will also have free time to explore the beautiful mountains around the temple with stunning views.It is home to a lot of cultural and historical monuments totally worth exploring. 

There is a  forest close by, secret caves and mountain peaks with panoramic views. There is enough exploration to be done through the secrets of this incredibly special place and culture with an astounding 1500-year-old history that actually has its roots in India!!! ( who would have thought!!)

  • Sunday:  Return back to Beijing in the morning and head to the Airport to fly back home after that truly once in a lifetime experience.
  • 6 Nights of accommodation in a hostel at the Shaolin Temple on sharing basis
  • 2 Night Stay in Beijing at the beginning of the trip
  • All meals only during the duration of Stay at the Temple  (There are vegetarian food options available)
  • Bullet Train from Beijing to Zhengzhou and back
  • Bus/Van from Zhengzhou to Shaolin Temple and back with the group
  • Daily Shaolin Kung Fu classes inside the Shaolin Temple, with a genuine Shaolin Warrior Monk
  • Daily cardio, strength, conditioning and technique application training
  • Zen Meditation Sessions
  • A tour of the Shaolin Temple
  • A visit to the Pagoda Forest, Damo Cave and Wuru Peak etc
  • Opportunity to enjoy a Shaolin kung fu performance at the Shaolin Temple
  • Opportunity to volunteer at the Shaolin Temple Orphanage
  • Certificate of participation
  • International airfare
  • China Tourist visa ( It is surprisingly easy and can be obtained in 2-4 days)
  • Beijing local transfers and meals
  • Any kind of personal expenses
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