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Scuba Diving Trip To A Secret Island In Maldives

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Scuba Diving At A Secret Island In The Maldives


UPDATE: We are organising our most popular and awesome trip again in August and September to 2 different crazy secret islands, To know the exact dates and cost, use the application form on the page and get in touch!!

This is no ordinary island. This is where almost mythical creatures live underwater while on the surface there are white sands and palms in the middle of nowhere in the Indian Ocean. Our tiny little island ( just 1 km long and 500 meters wide) is one of the most impossibly gorgeous sights that you will ever lay your eyes on.

This is our second home, considering the number of trips we have done to this secret little gem in the last 2 years!

Its the best time of the year to visit the island in April and May and we sure are going back for an awesome 5 Night- 6 day trip.

” But trips to the Maldives are so expensive, aren’t they!?”

There are those touristy Maldives Packages and there is this ! This trip is all about White Sands, crystal clear waters, exceptional marine life and everything else that the Maldives embodies, EXCEPT THE EXPENSIVE PART!  We don’t want to burn a hole in your pocket and we mean it. This trip like all our small group trips is budget friendly and yet doesn’t sacrifice the awesomeness 🙂

” Who are these other people in the group? “

Being on a secluded island is great when you and your girlfriend wanna get cozy! But when the plan is to go Scuba Diving, who can say no to awesome company! We started organizing these trips a few years back so we could go scuba diving with some fun peeps and fun you can be assured of!

But if you feel that you want to go with your own crew to our island, hit us up and that can be arranged easily on dates of your choice.

” But I have never gone scuba diving before!! “

The best part is that this trip is not just for experienced Scuba Divers but is also open to complete beginners. For those who want to learn Scuba Diving and finish their Beginner’s 5 Day PADI Open Water Course. And the ones who have already finished their 5 Day Open Water Course, you can come along and finish your Advanced Open Water Course. This which will allow you to go down deeper to 30 meters and trust us, you wanna go deeper.

That’s where the real action always happens!

 “What is the plan, though ?”

 Imagine yourself diving into crystal clear waters around our tropical island while interacting with the psychedelic and colourful marine life underwater during the day, almost like an astronaut.  Now add white sand and unreal sunsets followed by canoeing away into blue serenity under the star-studded Island sky. 

Feeling the vibe? 

Do you think you are going to need an itinerary here?  Just get packed up to go Mr / Miss Crusoe !!

But If you still feel the need for more details…..

Read On!

UPDATE: We are organising our most popular and awesome trip again in August and September to 2 different crazy secret islands, To know the exact dates and cost, use the application form on the page and get in touch!!

4th April – 9th April (Sold Out)

23rd May – 28th May ( Tuesday – Sunday) – (Sold Out)

  • 5 nights 6 days stay at a beautiful hotel on our secret island with all modern amenities on a twin sharing basis

(Pictures of the Island and Hotel Rooms etc at the top on the page)

  • Breakfast
  • Return Group Transfer by Speed Boat from Male Airport (Capital of Maldives) to our Secret Island and Back to Male
  • Standard 5 Day PADI Open Water Course  if you are a complete beginner
  • ( or ) PADI Advanced Open Water Course if you are already Open water certified and want to now do level 2  i.e the Advanced Open water Course
  • ( or )  8 Fun Dives over 4 days  if you are already a Certified Diver and just wants to come do fun dives and no course.
  • All Equipment and Gear, you don’t need to carry anything special except normal beachwear and swim/surf shorts etc for guys
  • Canoeing/Paddleboarding and all non-motorized equipment based additional activities.
  • Visa for Maldives is free for Indians and people from most countries. It’s  just a stamp that you get at Male Airport, can’t get better than this!!
  • Return International Air ticket to Male (Maldives)

(Flights for our dates are pretty cheap at the moment too)

  • Lunch & Dinner – We don’t want you to be restricted to a fixed meal but a Full Board Option at the Hotel is available on request.     

(A good meal on the island in general, per person is around 10 USD depending on your habits of course.  But since it’s a small island and the group eats together most of the time, the price gets divided with more options of food at a cheaper price)

In case you missed it, BEEP  trips are not your usual “sightseeing tour packages” to commercial destinations. These are unique experiences that deserve passionate and awesome people, in pursuit of the extraordinary. I mean how many times in life do you get to jump out of a helicopter over snow clad Himalayas or be underwater with a Blue Whale or a Whale Shark, the world’s largest animal and the world’s largest fish !!

There are very limited spots possible on each trip that we put together with all our heart and soul and there are only so many we can do in a year. So to ensure that we have a fun bunch of awesome people on each of these amazing journeys, we ask you to….

Apply Now.

Just use the Contact Form below and you will hear from us shortly along with the cost of the trip.

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