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Snorkelling / Swimming With Whales In Sri Lanka

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The Video Of Our Recent April 2017 Whales Trip

Snorkelling / Swimming With Whales Trip To Sri Lanka

 This is the moment that defines the word extraordinary.

And we say that from experience, having already gone swimming with whales a few times including this April when we organised our “Learn Freediving Course” during the  Swimming/Snorkelling with Whales trip to Sri Lanka.

During the upcoming August trip we are not doing a “Learn Freediving Course” during the trip, This time are going to maximise our time Snorkelling / Swimming With Whales for the entire duration the trip !!

Anyone who can swim and is fascinated by marine life can join in for this trip. ( You don’t need to be an advanced swimmer for this, just being a comfortable basic swimmer is good enough)

Check out the video of our BEYOND EPIC trip in April 2017 above on this page or by just clicking here.

Whale Watching tours are commercial and easily available, but actually getting an opportunity (and government permissions which are a pain)  to be in the water and swimming with whales or snorkelling/freediving with these peaceful and gorgeous GIANTS is an experience that could change your perception of life !!

“You Protect What You Love”, we believe…….

So we have got permissions for only 10 people to come along to Sri Lanka in August again and fall in love and hopefully become the voice for these almost mystical creatures that are racing extinction!!

Sperm Whales, Blue Whales and even Pilot Whales are on an annual migratory run and pass through this particular area somewhere in Sri Lanka and sightings are most frequent during April and August.

Which is why we are going back again to meet them and you are invited to apply if you want to come along!

 Recreational ScubaDiving in Whale territories is banned almost everywhere around the world and for good reason. To protect them from us rather than the other way round. So we are going to Sri Lanka only for Swimming With Whales or Snorkelling/Freediving with them, an experience you will never forget for the rest of your life.


We are not going to the zoo and there is no way to predict exactly when the whales will show up, so if you are looking for detailed daily Itineraries and guarantees, Please no not apply for this expedition!

We are a small company driven by passion making sure you get to be part of some truly unique trips around the world !

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Anyone who is comfortable being in the water and is fascinated by marine life can join in for this trip.       

You don’t need to be an advanced swimmer or anything, just being a comfortable swimmer/snorkeller is good enough.

Besides, we have life jackets at hand if you need to wear them and even your snorkelling flippers are a flotation device by default !


Awesome people just like you, come for our trips from various cities and countries and we don’t like for it to be too crowded. So we cap the average number per group between 8  – 12 people with a healthy ratio but this is an even more special trip and the average group size is just 5-6 people per boat!

These are once-in-a-lifetime experiences, not those touristy hordes being packed up in buses like sheep 🙂


We are headed to the east coast of Sri Lanka where the weather is sunny, warm and perfect for swimming with whales compared to the west coast of Sri Lanka i.e Mirissa and Galle etc where it’s raining from May – September and the seas are rough!

So don’t worry, we are headed to gorgeous sunny beaches with awesome weather!

Group 1: 15th August ( Land in Colombo) – 20th August ( Leave from Colombo)

Tuesday – Sunday

NOTE: You still get your long weekend since 15th August is a holiday and then you have the following Saturday and Sunday off

Group 2: 19th August ( Land in Colombo) – 24th August (Leave from Colombo)

Saturday – Thursday

Note: Because this trip is based on migratory phenomena, it can only happen during this time of the year.

  • Day 1 :Land in Colombo and you will get transferred with the rest of the group from Colombo to our Hotel which is about 5 hours away on the East Coast of Sri Lanka with bright and sunny weather and a gorgeous beach unlike the west coast of Sri Lanka i.e Galle and Mirissa etc, where it is raining in August. The rest of the day we chill and hang out with each other on the beach.
  • Day 2- 4: Post breakfast we go looking out for the Whales around the area where the Whales are going to be migrating on our speedboat. We stay out in the water for 4-5 hours til we find them.When we find them, we get into the water ahead of their path and then just let them come to us. The waters here are crystal clear with up to 50 meters visibility which makes it even more awesome !!!!

Now, we just swim/snorkel around and watch the show!

And If we get really lucky again like we did on the April trip, they will come right up to us out of curiosity and that will the luckiest day of your life 🙂

Click here to Check out the epic video of our April Trip!

During Day 2-5 we will have enough time for afternoon onwards to go check out other sights around the area and close by places especially a  trip to Pigeon  Island which has a thriving and beautiful reef with loadsss of amazing marine life that you can swim/snorkel/scuba dive with !

Also, on one of the days, we can visit Minneriya National Park which is a really incredible place to watch hundreds of wild elephants up close and personal in a mind-blowing natural setting apart from various other amazing animals!

There is enough to do around the area but if you want to just chill, we have a gorgeous beach with loads of restaurants to just eat, drink and relax 🙂

  • Day 5: Get transferred back to the Airport with the group and fly back home
  •  Accommodation on twin share for 5 nights in a local hotel in Sri Lanka
  • Breakfast.
  • To and Fro Group Transfers from Colombo in a private Cab
  • 4 Whale Search Days with snorkelling equipment included for snorkelling/swimming with whales
  • A dedicated Whale Guide and Naturalist with 10 years of experience with Whales in the area
  • A dedicated fast speedboat at our disposal during the entire trip
  • A Snorkelling trip to the famous Pigeon island with a gorgeous and well preserved Coral reef and lots of amazing marine life
  • International Airfare to Sri Lanka
  • Sri Lanka Visa is on arrival and pretty cheap
  • Lunch and Dinner ( there are enough places to eat and drink around, and we don’t want to put you on a fixed meal)
  • A guarantee that we will spot the whales, no one in the world can guarantee that. But if you ask what our chances?               FANTASTIC!

Check out the crazy video of our interactions with whales during the April trip above or by just clicking here.

Optional Activities:

  • An excursion to Mineriya National park 3 hours away (lots of elephants and nature and other amazing wildlife)
  • Scuba diving, if you are a certified Scubadiver already.

In case you missed it, BEEP  trips are not your usual “sightseeing tour packages” to commercial destinations. These are unique experiences that deserve passionate and awesome people, in pursuit of the extraordinary.

There are very limited spots possible on each trip that we put together with all our heart and soul and there are only so many we can do in a year. So to ensure that we have a fun bunch of awesome people on each of these amazing journeys, we ask you to….

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