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Instead of Skydiving In India, Come Skydive Over The Himalayas In Nepal !

If you are reading this article, it means that you have been looking for or are interested in an opportunity to go Skydiving in India!

There are very few places with a good safety record where you can do skydiving in India to start with but from what we know a skydiving center near Delhi or a temporary one near Mumbai that comes up sometimes is your best bet at being able to do so in India currently.

Of course Skydive Dubai or Skydiving in Thailand are good options too…

But what if we told you that something truly extraordinary was happening not so far away from India instead?


How about a rare opportunity to actually skydive out of a helicopter over snow clad Himalayas !?

Only 100 people in the world get to be a part of this rare ONCE-A-YEAR-ONLY Skydiving event/trip we organize every year for the last 3 years with special permissions from the Government of Nepal for just one week in November.

Watch Video here.

In Dubai and Thailand the skydiving centers are permanent and hence thousands of people go do the skydive there every year, but our Skydive Over The Himalayas happens for just a lucky few for just one week of the year every year!!!

No matter where you live in India, all you need to do is take a quick and usually cheap flight to Kathmandu in Nepal and we will take care of the rest!

This 6 day trip to Nepal is open to everyone with no prior skydiving experience needed.


This year is the 4th annual edition of our event / trip and the dates are 19th November to 24th November 2019 and we have a 6 day tour package designed for you, details below.

No other dates or months are possible because there are no permanent skydiving centers anywhere in the Himalayas due to inhospitable weather most year.

We take special permissions from the Government to make this this incredible Once-In-A-Lifetime experience happen!

So while you may be able to go Skydiving in India but we are talking about a rare bucket list experience to Skydive Over The Himalayas meant only for a handful of people in the world each year.


Unlike in Northern India, November is a time of amazing sunny and cool autumn weather in this part of Nepal and temperatures range between 19 degrees to 27 degrees celsius.

Think T-shits in the day and light jackets at night.


Skydiving Crew and Equipment

We fly down state of the art Tandem Skydiving equipment from the United States for this one week long event.

Our Skydiving crew is full of legendary World Record Holder Skydiving Instructors such as Wendy Smith (NZ), Tom Noonan (USA) , Paul Henry de baere (FR), Jean Philippe Audhuy (FR) and World Freeflying Champion Omar Alhegelan!!

So you are in the safest hands possible and about to do something that 99.99999 percent of the people in the world will just dream about 🙂

6 Day Itinerary:

  • 19th November (Tuesday) – Land in Kathmandu from India anytime of the day you prefer on the most convenient flight of your choice. Get transferred to the hotel where you meet up with your awesome Beep Mates. 

Incase you are travelling solo, dont worry 🙂  you are about to meet some incredible people from all over the world who share the same passions as you and you are about to share one of the most extraordinary experiences in life with them.You will make some friends for life, guaranteed.

The rest of the day is free to hang out in Kathmandu and forget about all the worries of India, get to know each other and explore the buzzing streets of Thamel etc and get ready and in excite mode for the real thing 🙂


  • 20th November (Wednesday) –  We fly from Kathmandu to Pokhara  together via an epic domestic flight which is included in our package along with the return flight to Kathmandu on 24th November. Enjoy the gorgeous views of the snow clad Himalayas from this flight, but remember to not get too excited…..

This is not when u jump out LOL 🙂

We land in Pokhara, head to our beautiful hotel and meet up with our amazing team of world renowned Skydiving Instructors from different parts of the World that we bring down once a year to create magic, for you. These guys are nothing short of legends in the world of skydiving and are the best of the best. You can read more about Instructor Credential below if you like.

They will be briefing everyone on the plan for the next few days and all the safety procedures and precautions for this incredibly rare Nepal Skydive, when you arrive.

The group gets divided into 4 parts today and everyone get to do their individual skydives split up over the next 4 days starting today.

The first group heads head out into the mountains  a few hours away in a bus to our temporary Heli Pad and Skydiving Drop Zone. A  surreal valley with an open field and white sands and 360-degree unobstructed views of the Himalayas, just a couple of hours outside from Pokhara.

For the next 4 days, we convert this place into what can only be called the most beautiful skydiving drop zone in the world.

This is where we will be conducting our legendary Skydiving over the Himalayas that you have heard so much about!

The rest of the group has a free day to chill and do some sightseeing in Pokhara, the amazing scenery and beautiful vibes, not to mention the great food and drinks all around your hotel with your new friends. Soak in the sights while going crazy with anticipation of the madness you are about to experience.


  • 21st November (Thursday)  to 23rd November (Saturday):

The rest of the group gets to jump  over these next 3 days divided into 3 smaller groups just like the previous day. The people who are not skydiving on these days will have free time to hang with their new friends, and go participate in various other fun activities such as rafting, paragliding, trekking, cycling, zip lining etc etc that are available all around our Hotel to keep you busy and occupied for the free days.

Not to mention, feast at the several amazing restaurants and bars and shopping all around in walking distance of your hotel.

And in case you dont want to do anything, you can sit and bask in the sun and enjoy the magnificient views of the Himalayas from your hotel and just relax 🙂

Early evening every day, everyone gets together at the hotel to just have fun and hang around Pokhara and its various pubs and bars and revel in the glory of what would easily go down as the “Craziest Thing You Have Ever Done In Life, Period 🙂


  • 24th November (Sunday) –  Return flight to Kathmandu from Pokhara early morning ( which is included in your package) staring again at those majestic peaks that you just jumped over. And then a flight back home to India in the afternoon/evening from Kathmandu feeling like a total legend waiting to get home to super jealous friends 🙂

And THIS, is how we #GoBeepBeep


IMPORTANT: Ideally you should come for all 6 days of this Nepal Skydive trip but incase u just cant come for all days the minimum you will need is 4 days because in the worst case scenario if the weather goes bad on one of the days, you get accommodated on the next day 3 days of jumps.

November is always the best time for weather in Nepal but we are in remote Himalayas and have to account for this worst case scenario which is why we have kept the jumps divided over multiple days.

  • For people with no prior skydiving experience/training – One Tandem Skydive Out of a Helicopter over the Himalayas in Nepal with our World Renowned Skydiving Instructors


3 Solo Skydives ONLY IF you are a trained Solo Skydiver with at least an A license and minimum 50 Logged Jumps (BTW, Check out our Learn Skydiving Trips To South France every month between May to September if you wish to do your Solo License Course with us in France before this Nepal trip)

  • A personal Video and epic Photos of your Skydive over the Himalayas shot by a dedicated Ace Skydiving Cameraman who also jumps with you and your Instructor to shoot your whole experience are included in the package.
  • 1 Night Stay in Kathmandu in a comfortable Hotel in the city on Twin Share including breakfast
  • 4 Nights in Pokhara at a beautiful hotel on Twin share basis including Breakfast.
  • Spectacular Return Domestic Flights from Kathmandu – Pokhra – Kathmandu with incredible views of the Himalayas
  • Group Airport Transfers in Kathmandu and Pokhara
  • Skydiving DropZone Transfers from Pokhara Hotel to our temporary Skydiving Dropzone in the Mountains and back to Hotel in Pokhara during this Nepal skydive experience of a lifetime
  •  Fun Local Excursion in Pokhara
  • New friends for life, guaranteed 🙂
  • International Air Ticket from India to Kathmandu ( Nepal ) – We get people from all over the world coming for this, so it is not possible to have a standard price of Airfare Included in the package price sent to you on email.

We will guide you with the best flight options but you need to book your own International ticket though

  • Indians don’t need a visa for Nepal.
  • Lunches & Dinners are not included. We don’t like restricting anyone to a set menu with so many options around. Breakfast is included but for Lunch and Dinner you are free to eat whatever you want at the tons of awesome options of restaurants and cafes available all around, to suit all budgets.

The last thing you would want is to be on a fixed menu with so many options around, go nuts 🙂

Please fill up the quick form below and we will send you the cost and next steps via an automated email within 60 seconds.

Apply Now To Know The Price

The World is full of window shoppers but we are looking for the passionate ones genuinely looking to pursue the extraordinary!

Get the picture !?

So if this feels like your calling, take a minute to fill up the quick form below and we will send you the cost and next steps on email. 

(Refresh and check your inbox / promotions / spam folder for an automated email from Gobeepbeep within 60 seconds)

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**In case you face any issues with the Application Form or if you have applied for a trip before, just email

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