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Win A Free Spot – Skydive Over The Himalayas


How to Participate

Note: This offer is open to everyone.

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Skydiving Over The Himalayas in Nepal Contest

Step 1: Sign up for this trip yourself first especially if you don’t want to miss out on the current Early Bird Price,that expires soon. All trip details are here.

Step 2: Share this link >> Skydive Over The Himalayas trip details page << with your friends on your Whatsapp groups, Facebook, Instagram or whatever else you are into and ask them to join you for the trip !

Don’t worry you have time till November to get your friends signed up, no rush!

Step 3: Every person who signs up for this trip now and manages to bring along 8 more friends by November….Wins a free spot for themselves!

We will of course refund your Trip money, if you win the free spot or adjust it against a group discount for your whole group.

Group Discount:

The other way to look at the offer above:

  • Minimum 10 people together – INR 10,000 discount per person
  • Minimum 5 people together – INR 5000 discount per person
  • Minimum 3 people together – INR 3000 discount per person