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Are you sure you wanna sip the world’s most expensive tea ?

Panda keychains, panda Snapchat filters, pandas are now being revered like never before and the Chinese couldn’t be more thankful! Having found yet another bizarre way to exploit people’s new found love for pandas, the Chinese never really cease to amaze the world with their offbeat innovations. Brace yourselves as we present to you- Panda Dung Tea. Yes, you heard it right!

A wildlife expert and entrepreneur, An Yanshi, from China recently launched a special blend of green tea that is expected to go for as much as approximately $35,000 per pound, making it the world’s most expensive tea!

He grows it in the mountainous Ya’an, in Sichuan, province using tons of excrement from panda bears living at nearby breeding centers.

Turns out panda excrement is loaded with various vitamins and minerals that come from bamboo – what pandas primarily eat. The important nutrients end up in the tea through the fertilization process and are immensely powerful.

Just like green tea, bamboo contains an element that can prevent cancer and enhance green tea’s anti-cancer effects if it is used as fertilizer for the tea,” says the wildlife expert.  

After brewing the first pickings, An described the tea as fragrant and smooth. Some of his guests, however, were not impressed.

His claim that this would help people lose weight and protect them from radiation has been ridiculed by some Chinese web users, who have expressed doubts about the purported health benefits of the tea and the high asking price for the first harvest. Guess you’ll only know if you try it out for yourself!

Tea aficionados, should you wish to try it out, it’s even available on Amazon!

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