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Skydive Himalayas Initial Deposit Payment


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Skydive Himalayas Simple EMI Plan

Basic Details:

  •  The Price for you right now is INR 95,000 per person for the 6 day trip to Nepal from 19th to 24th November.

(For now, you only need to make a fully refundable deposit of INR 10,000 by clicking on the PAY NOW Button on the cart above, this is fully refundable up to 2nd October)

  • Only 100 people in the world get to do this rare skydive out of a helicopter every year.



Short Interest Free EMI Payment Procedure:


Step 1: Make the Initial deposit of INR 10,000  by using the Pay Now button on the shopping Cart above and choosing the number of spots you want.

(You can refund the token deposit till 2nd October)


Step2: Punch in your personal details in the next step and then choose your payment Option such as Credit Card, Debit Card, Netbanking or UPI and press the Pay button and you are done.

Step3: After you are done paying the INR 10,000 initial deposit above, we will send you an email with next steps and guide you with booking your flights.

Step 4: Pay the remainder amount of INR 85,000 divided into 2 parts between October and  November every month, we will send you payment links on email for the same.

Note: If you want a longer up to 24 month EMI Installment Plan with payment via Card, click here instead