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The Annual Learn Freediving With Whales Trip To Srilanka

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The Video From Our Trip In April 2017

This is the trip that defines the word extraordinary !!

And we say that from experience having already gotten an opportunity to be underwater with the biggest living beings on our planet last year!

Hope you didn’t miss the video of us underwater with the whales on this trip last year !

This is not a Whale Watching Tour (watching them from a boat), those are commercial and available to everyone, but actually being in the water with these peaceful and gorgeous giants is an experience that could change your perception of life !! A Blue Whale, for example, is 80-100 feet long, the largest living being on our gorgeous planet! Imagine a 10-storey building, underwater and moving next to you…. A child can swim through the arteries of a Blue whale!!!!

Being underwater with Whales needs special permits and licences from the government, the Coast Gaurd and the Wildlife Board and these permissions  are notoriously hard to obtain and are very very limited, and for good reason of course 🙂

You can come for this 7 Nights 8 days trip and either do a proper 4 Day Freediving Course and go Freediving with whales or you can do a 4 day Scuba diving Course and then go Snorkelling with the whales or the last option being that you don’t do any courses and just go snorkelling with whales, of course under the supervision of a Whale Specialist no matter which option you choose.

Its important that you  read the Plan Options Section below for more on Package Choices….

“You Protect What You Love”, we believe…….

So here is an opportunity for only 5 people each to come along to Srilanka in one of the TWO GROUP DATES IN APRIL  and fall in love and hopefully become the voice for these almost mystical creatures that are racing extinction!!

Sperm Whales and Blue Whales are on an annual migratory run and pass through this particular area somewhere in Srilanka at this time of the year and that is where we are headed.

Which also means that this trip is possible only once a year!



We are not going to the zoo and there is no way to predict exactly when the whales will show up, so if you are looking for guarantees, Please do not apply for this expedition!


Read The Next Section for Details of Package Options.

In Scuba diving you use equipment to breathe underwater, In  freediving however, you learn to hold your breath and dive down without any air cylinders, stay there for a few seconds to a couple of minutes and then come back up for air. That is the shortest description, there is a lot more to it of course.

Tribal fishermen have been doing this for centuries to hunt fish underwater but a scientific modern day version with a snorkelling mask and flippers is now a proper global sport!

The current World Record stands at 124 mtrs down and back up in 4 minutes 34 second !

On this trip to Sri Lanka you will not only learn how to go down deep using just your lungs but also get an opportunity to do so with Giant Whales to give you company !!


The Whales will be on an annual Migratory run in April through the gorgeous east coast of SriLanka and luckily for us, that is where we are headed.

Since Scuba diving in Whale Territories is banned around the world and for good reason, this trip is only to go Freediving / snorkelling with Whales with special permits from the government of Sri Lanka. Scuba diving will not happen in the Whales area but at other dive sites around the area.

There are 3 Package options that you can choose on any of the dates above:

Option 1:

(4 Day Freediving Course + Snorkelling/Freediving With Whales)

A 4 day Freediving Course led by a Top International Athlete and expert from Russia plus a maximum of  3 days of whale search on a speedboat with a local Whale Expert in the Whale Migration area in the ocean to go Snorkelling / Freediving With Whales.

So on this 7 nights/8 days trip;  for 4 days you will be busy with your Freediving Course from morning to noon every day and the remaining 3 days of the trip will be dedicated to searching for Whales from morning to noon guided by a local Whale Specialist so that we ensure that we get at least one opportunity to be underwater with them during the week.

The rest of the day everyday will be free to chill at the beach and enjoy the sun white sands, blue waters and of course other fun excursions around the area !

We cannot decide in advance as to which 3 days will be dedicated to Whale Searching in the week simply because there is no way to predict as to which days the whales will show up.We will get tips from the local fisherman at sea who are our informers and the days they spot the whales around in the area, is the day we have the chance. On the other days you will be doing your Freediving Course

So if you are looking for fixed Itineraries, then this is not the trip for you ! 🙂


Option 2:

(PADI Open Water Scuba diving Course or Advanced Open Water Course + Snorkelling With Whales)

If you think you are more interested in learning Scuba diving instead of Freediving, then you are welcome to do your 4 Day PADI Open Water Course or the Advanced Open Water Course if you are already certified. And of course if you are already an experienced diver, you can just come do fun dives on this trip at various awesome dive sites around the area.

 On this 7 nights/8 days trip; You will do your 4 day PADI Scuba diving Course (or Fun dives if you are already an experienced diver) from morning to noon everyday and the remaining 3 days will be dedicated to searching for Whales  from morning to noon guided by a local Whale Specialist so that we ensure that we get at least one opportunity to be underwater with them during the week long trip

IMPORTANT: Just remember that no one is  not allowed to go Scuba diving in the Whales Area, we will be Scuba diving at various dive sites around the area but not in the Whale Zone and then on the 3 Whale Search Days in the weeks go to the Whales Migration area to Freedive/Snorkel with them guided by a local Whale Specialist. So no matter which of the 2 Package Options you choose, we will only go snorkelling/freediving with Whales on designated days and not Scuba diving with them.

We will get tips from the local fisherman at sea who are our informers and the days they spot the whales around the area, are the days we will have chances to go out on our boat to get the opportunity to be underwater with them, on the other days you will be doing your Scuba diving Course.

So if you are looking for fixed Itineraries, then this is not the trip for you ! 🙂

Note: This trip is based on the Whale Migration phenomena that happens around April every year.


Duration: 7 Nights – 8 Days

Group One : 1st April to  8th April ( Sunday to Sunday)

Group Two : 8th April to 15th April  (Sunday to Sunday)

*If these dates don’t work for you and you are a minimum of 2 people, Plan Option 2 (the one without the free diving Course) mentioned in the previous section, can be arranged on other dates throughout April.

IMPORTANT: We also have the amazing annual Cherry Blossom Trip to Japan from 1st April to 7th April 2018 this time incase that interests you more!


  •  Accommodation on twin share for 7 nights in an awesome hotel/ fabulous Villa next to the beach
  • Breakfast.
  • To and Fro Group Transfers from Colombo Airport in a private Cab ( 5 hours each way)
  •  If you choose Package Option 1 ( Freediving Course ) – Four Day Freediving Course plus up to a maximum of 3 Whale Searching/Snorkelling Days included in the 7 Night Trip Package.
  • If you choose Package Option 2 ( Scuba diving Course ) – Four Day PADI Open Water Scuba diving Course if you are a beginner or Advanced Open Water Course or 8 Fun Dives if you are already an experienced diver plus up to a maximum of 3 Whale Searching/Snorkelling Days included in 7 Night Trip Package
  • Special permits from the Government, The Coast Guard and The Wild life Department to go Freediving/Snorkelling with Whales
  • A dedicated Whale Guide and Naturalist with more than 10 years of experience with Whales in the area
  • A dedicated fast speedboat at our disposal during the trip


  • International Airfare to Srilanka
  • Sri Lanka Visa ( Its on arrival at the Airport and quite hassle free & cheap)
  • Lunch and Dinner ( there are lots of awesome places to eat and drink around, and we don’t want to put you on a fixed meal and restrict you)
  • Any expenses of a personal nature
  • A guarantee that we will spot the whales, no one in the world can guarantee that. But if you ask what our chances?               FANTASTIC! Here is the video of our underwater encounters with whales from the last trip
Snorkelling / Freediving With Whales

This trip requires special permissions from the government, the coastguard and the Wildlife Department since being underwater with Whales is a heavily regulated activity unlike commercial Whale Watching Tours where you just watch the whales from a boat!

We are happy that regulations are in place and Regulations mandate no more than 5-6 people in one group to avoid scaring the whales with our presence!


In case you missed it, BEEP  trips are not your usual “sightseeing tour packages” to commercial destinations. These are unique experiences that deserve passionate and awesome people, in pursuit of the extraordinary. In fact, some of our journeys have been called life changing events by guests who are now friends.  I mean how many times in life do you get to jump out of a helicopter over snow clad Himalayas or be underwater with a Blue Whale or a Whale Shark, the world’s largest animal and the world’s largest fish !!

There are very limited spots possible on each trip that we put together with all our heart and soul and there are only so many we can do in a year. So to ensure that we have a fun bunch of awesome people on each of these amazing journeys, we ask you to….

Apply Now.

Just fill in the quick form given below and you will hear from us shortly along with the cost.

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